Art Deco

Art Deco experiments with a variety of polished veneers, allowing the inbuilt beauty of wood to shine while incorporating metal and leather elements as highlights. Architecturally, it is strongly associated with 1920-30s Mumbai but has spread its wings through furniture all over.

Features: Wood veneers, straight lines, some metallic decorative elements

If you are unmoved by the fussiness of a Colonial theme or the coldness of Contemporary, Art Deco is the way to go. While still maintaining the straight line look and practicality of contemporary furniture, Art Deco furniture embraces ornamentation, but in moderation.

Art Deco has a very distinct rich aesthetic, but one that is easy on the eye. It is an ageless style, that showcases various materials in their true glory.



Originally brought to India by the Portuguese colonizers, today, high-quality wood and detailing - such as the locks, handles and joinery details are hallmarks of Colonial Furniture.

Features: Use of real wood, polished surfaces, some amount of decorative moldings & carvings

Are you a person who loves all things Classical? Then this is the theme for you. If you long for the furniture of your childhood home or still vividly recall the beauty of that console you once saw at a hill station hotel, then in all probability, you are imagining a piece of Colonial furniture.

Since this type of furniture is high on the use of wood, traditionally it can be more expensive than more contemporary designs. These kinds of Colonial designs may not always be suitable for compact spaces. Colloquially, this type of furniture is also called “period” or “antique”.



While this theme has global origins, it has gained immense popularity in the last decade among the young and young-at-heart in India. Use of laminates on ply allows for experimentation with colors or wood textures and is combined with sleek stainless steel hardware.

Features: Clean lines, functionality, international look, ample storage

Contemporary designs can fit into any space with ease and has wide appeal. An aspirational audience will recognize it from the furniture of modern hotel interiors and bachelor pads. Its ‘coolness’ lies in its lack of ornamentation, and straight lines are its calling card, ensuring that no space is wasted.

Equally suitable for a compact as well as large space, this theme will lend an edgy, smart and sophisticated look to the bedroom.