Materials and Finishes

Boiling Water Proof Plywood


Boiling Water Proof Ply is the strongest and most durable of plys used in a residential setting. It is also colloquially called Marine Ply by most manufacturers.

BWP ply is typically used for building storage in potentially “wet” areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas and for wardrobes if they back external walls. The synthetic resins used to glue the individual veneers make the ply waterproof. All ply of this nature is stamped BWP by the manufacturer..

Boiling Water Resistant Plywood


Boiling Water Resistant is similar to Boiling Water Proof but this terminology is conventionally used for blockboards, and not for ply. It is easy to confuse the two, therefore look out for the BWR stamp by the manufacturer. It can similarly be used for furniture in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas and for wardrobes if they back external walls.

Phenol Formaldehyde (PF) resin that is rsused for better bonding and hardwood species are used for long life, thus avoid core gaps that weaken the ply.

Medium Density Fibreboard


Medium Density Fibre Board is also a type of fibre board, which differs intrinsically from ply but has a higher density than Low Density Fibre Board. It is a dry formed panel manufactured by applying high pressure and heat to wood pulp, and not sheets of wood veneer.

These are bonded together using a synthetic resin under high pressure and heat, resulting in a uniform sheet that retains its dimensional stability even under pressure. Also since it is has a material consistency, even the cut edges do not display splinters or unevenness. It is an economical material that easily takes paint or laminate as a surface finish.

While the external finish of the shutters is what one first sees, the Internal Finish of the cabinets is as important as it is what the user experiences on a daily basis. Laminate fixed internally for the cabinets and the back of the shutters is a durable & low maintenance option as compared to plain polish, at the same time is more cost effective than veneer or polyurethane paint. It allows for easy cleaning with a wet cloth and keeps insects away.

Internal White Laminate


Since the internal surfaces are not visible, they can be applied with a laminate which is a different colour than the external surfaces. White laminate in particular while being cost effective, also makes the interior light-looking and things easy to locate.

Internal Grey Laminate


Grey colored internal laminate gives a contemporary look, for those who do not prefer white laminate, while still being light enough to easily locate utensils, groceries stored at the back. Also, when one opens the shutter, the colour and finish of the outside and inside surfaces form a sophisticated combination.



Lacquer is a chemical finish that is applied directly on 4mm MDF. It has a three course process with base preparation with a chosen colour and thereafter spraying in two or more coats. Once completed, it gives a smooth, uniform finish (glossy or matte).

It gives a water resistant coating to the surface that can be then cleaned with a moist cloth. It is specially recommended for surfaces with high wear and tear, since the machine spray ensures a finish that is harder than “Duco” and therefore does not chip easily.



A type of finish similar to lacquer,acrylic is a non-toxic, reflective high gloss finish which can give cabinets a smooth appearance. It is available in a wide range of colours and will give a mirror-like look to your kitchen cabinets. Acrylic cabinets are preferred for high-end kitchens; with a gloss finish, they add a visual appeal to your kitchen.

Acrylic finishes retain their colour and brightness for ages and are available in plenty of vibrant colours. Acrylic finishes are scratch resistant and they do not delaminate, tarnish, or fade away. They always appear ultra-glossy and flawlessly smooth. However, they need regular cleaning as dirt, stains and fingerprint marks are more visible on them.



Ceramic finish surfaces are in pure porcelain stoneware which are 3 mm thick ceramic slabs that cover the cabinet doors. With its textured appearance and delicate nuances, the ceramic finish gives the kitchen a sophisticated “skin” with a high architectural impact. Pure lines and handle-free, clean design let the material pop and permeate the entire space with an exclusive ambiance.

Ceramic surfaces are incredibly strong and durable, bringing functionality to a whole new level and making them one of the best kitchen finishes available. The colors remain unaltered over time, even when the cabinets and countertops are exposed to the wear and tear of weather (which makes this type of finish suitable for outdoor kitchens too). The ceramic surfaces are resistant to fire, heat, scratches, and stains. They can come in direct contact with oil, wine, hot liquids and hot pans coming straight from the stove without being affected or damaged. The finishes are low maintenance, as they can be easily cleaned with a sponge soaked in warm water and a squeeze of liquid detergent.



Laminate is a factory made facing material for furniture that comes in sheets of 8'x4' and is 1-2 mm thick. Earlier all laminate finishes mimicked the wood finishes of veneer or wood, but now various solid colours, textures (glossy, Matte, leather) & patterns are also available.

All laminate sheets of a particular variety look exactly the same. They can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth and such furniture is scratch-proof and easy to maintain.

Matte Soft-Touch Laminate


Matte soft-touch laminates has these characteristics by undergoing a particular series of processes, making the material anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch, opaque and extremely durable.

These laminates can withstand serious knocks and scratches and are highly resistant to the aggressive action of solvents and reagents typically used for household cleaning. They are also heat-resistant, water-resistant, hygienic and resistant to mould.

A good set of hardware is the essence of a fantastic kitchen. Denkali understands this and hence has tied up with the world-wide leading brands like Blum, Hafele and Hettich; assuring a durable and welcoming kitchen for the years ahead.


Tandembox with soft-close BLUMOTION delivers top quality soft closing motion and enhanced user convenience. The secret lies in its low-friction cylindrical nylon rollers which guarantee a feather-light glide and dynamic carrying capacities of 30 and 65 kg.

Soft Closing Hinges

These TUV certified anti-corrosive steel hinges with an attractive Nickel Plated finish guarantee high standards of quality in material and finish. They have undergone Anti-corrosion Testing with a saltspray testing ensuring durability in corrosive environments. They have also been tested to over 40,000 cycles ensuring high operational durability.


CLIP top soft-close BLUMOTION is an award-winning design that combines innovative technology with top quality motion within the smallest space.

Flip Fittings

The AVENTOS lift system brings effortlessness opening to the wall cabinet thereby offering the user full freedom of movement with the necessary cabinet access at all times. By Adjusting the lift mechanism precisely to the weight of the front it holds in any position and will always be within easy reach for closing. Even large and heavy lift systems can be opened with the utmost ease.

Telescopic Channels

Telescopic channels are so called because the sections of the channel length slide into each other, similar to a telescope, making even deep drawers easy to use. They are very smooth, have a mechanism that prevents the drawer from toppling over, even if pulled out completely and also come in soft closing options.

Lid Stays and Gas Springs

We offer you a range of manual lift up systems consisting of the Lid stays and the gas springs. These lift up systems are suitable for both left and right-hand use and can be mounted on wooden door flaps and for door flaps with aluminum frame.

Cutlery Tray

Keep your cutlery organized with a Cutlery tray. It helps you arrange them with a well-defined space which saves time as well as space. It comes in 3 varying widths- which you can choose according to your convenience. The combination of fixed elements and movable dividers within the multipurpose compartments introduces both good looks and organization to kitchen drawers.


We recommend waste-bin concepts that allow you to segregate dry and wet waste with complete efficiency. With options like swing-out bins that are attached to the cabinet door to bins that are installed under the sink, they possess the ability to meet all your waste management requirements that your kitchen generates.

Dish Rack

The Dish rack design is with a stainless steel draining board that can be easily adjusted on the grid. With a separate rack for plates and another for glasses and mugs this gives enough room to dry off the washed utensils. Available for cabinet widths 450 mm, 600 mm and 900 mm.

Work Top Extension

The Work Top Extension or a Pullout table is used to increase workspace in the kitchen. Activities, like chopping vegetables or using small appliances like juicer, mixers etc, can be done on it. It can be fixed in a drawer and can be closed when not required. It optimizes space in the kitchen.

Tandembox Drawer Dividers

Opened packets of provisions such as flour, sugar & rice can be stored under the main work area. High cross and lateral dividers ensure that goods are held securely yet are easy to view and access.

Tandembox and Inner Drawer System

The TANDEMBOX can also be used as an inner drawer pullout where you can open the shutter and access contents in the drawer.

Wire Baskets

The tried and tested Wire Baskets has been carved out of Stainless Steel 304 with a Nickel-Chrome Plating promising extreme durability and corrosion resistance. The baskets are compatible with the Blum TANDEM Runners or with telescopic runners with built-in BLUMOTION for soft-closing transitions.

Wicker Basket

Wicker basket pull-outs for kitchens, displays the traditional kitchen shelves for storage. It is aesthetically appealing and also functional giving your kitchen a classic look. These range of wicker baskets are light yet sturdy and durable. These help vegetables to stay fresh for days

Slide Pull-Out

A side pullout with two adjustable shelves works fantastically for oil bottles and spices hence aptly known as the spice pullout also. Its classic example of a dedicated storage space and if placed rightly near the cooking, facilitates the usage better as well.

Cornerstone Carousel

A CORNERSTONE carousel moves the entire contents from the inaccessible corner spaces in front of the unit, thereby unlocking completely new design perspectives. Each shelf can be attached at the required height, and the shelves disappear back inside the unit when the door is closed.

Flex Corner

A corner cabinet with such an accessory makes the best use of storage space and keeps things organized and accessible. Flex corner maximizes space in corner cabinets while allowing full accessibility to the entire unit. Inspite of a corner being a challenging space this flex corner turns it into a functional, reliable and stylish storage space.

Tandembox Space Tower

SPACETOWER is an optimized version of Larder and Tall Units. The individual drawers put in helps to categorise your storage in the manner you would require. With this system you only have to open the pull-out containing the item you need making the access easy and light in operation. Since the drawers can be accessed for all the three sides when pulled out, all of your provisions can be conveniently accessed.

Pantry Pull-Out

Every item in your pull-out pantry is easily accessible with full view thanks to a modern European design. This technical wonder can keep all your light provisions and ready to eat snacks handy and at a comfortable reach. The accessibility from two sides makes it even more user friendly.