About Us

You, as is every human being, are distinct. Unique and unrepeatable. Why then, should your home be any different? Your home would ideally be shaped by you and for you, expressing your personality and passions.

At Denkali, we are offering you the opportunity to make this happen. On our platform you are supported through an easy step-by-step design process where you can curate the entire design of your home to a professional degree of design without ever needing a designer.

Further, we help you convert this design into reality with our state-of-the-art manufacturing. Our attention to quality of materials, workmanship and our professional installations help you gain a delightful home that is uniquely yours. All this at a competitive price!

The Team

Vikram Panjwani

Chief Executive Officer

At Denkali, Vikram builds and drives strategy as we work towards building a design-to-order platform, for the designer in you! Formerly with Vodafone, Vikram is passionate about leading people in building and scaling consumer businesses.

Siddhartha Rao

Head of Design

Siddhartha Heads Design at Denkali, and drives the design and execution of its projects. Siddhartha brings in rich experience with his time at Edifice Consultants and Total Environment. Siddhartha has a passion for design that is simple and driven by an emphasis on details.

Chaitanya Ramji

Technology Solutions Architect

Chaitanya is the driving force for the platform that delivers Denkali's offerings. Prior to Denkali, Chaitanya built a med-tech startup for helping patients suffering from motor-neuron diseases in their rehabilitation. He also went to Stanford University for research in AI and Computer Vision.